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Adult Classes and Lessons


These classes are offered in the swimming pool and great for a full body workout without all of the impact that traditional group fitness classes have on your joints.  We use water weights and noodles for resistance exercises in the pool.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00 AM  (60 minutes)



Aquaholics is a swim group that meets 3 times per week.  The group is focused on providing super instruction and stroke improvement by 3 of the best swim coaches in NWA.  For a schedule of days call 479-587-0500 ext. 7 or email our Aquatics Director by clicking on this link.  Aquatics@nullfayac.com

Tuesday – 12:00 Noon
Wednesday – 5:30 AM
Saturday – 7:00 AM



Tri Sport Swim is a great way to improve stroke technique. The class will also help you to improve your stamina in the water.  Novice swimmers are welcome to join.  For more information call 479-587-0500 ext. 5 or email our Aquatics Director by clicking on this link.  Aquatics@nullfayac.com

Practices schedule:
Saturday 8:30 AM

All lessons are 30 minutes

To register for swim lessons please email our Aquatics Director at Aquatics@nullfayac.com to schedule your lessons or call (479)587-0500 ext 7.

Many adults never had a chance to learn to swim. Some adults have had a bad experience with swimming and have developed a fear of water. Obviously, the ability to swim is a safety need. In addition, swimming can be extremely enjoyable as part of your personal fitness and as a social activity. FAC offers year-round private Adult Swim Lessons for all adult ages and abilities.

Some adults feel their technique has not improved since childhood. As an adult, you have the cognitive ability to develop your skills and reap the benefits of improved efficiency. Many adults have always been intrigued by flip turns or the butterfly stroke, but have never had the instruction to help them learn. By taking swim lessons, you can expand your abilities in the water.

Many triathletes find the swim segment their weakest link. Swimming lap after lap will help with conditioning, but learning drills and correcting bad form will take you to the next level and improve your overall performance.

Are you an advanced swimmer who continues to do the same workout and turn out the same times each workout? Our instructors can evaluate your strokes and workout regimen and provide new drills, technique assistance and challenging sets to take you to the next level.

Private Adult Swim Lessons are customized to your personal needs. We can teach you the basics, improve your stroke skills, prepare you for a triathlon or train you for a swim competition. Our certified instructors will work with your busy schedule to improve your skills and confidence.

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