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    In News Splash | on August 28, 2017

    Come swim with the FAC Sharks – 

    Swim practice times:  Monday – Thursday 5:00 – 6:00 PM  

                                             Inclement weather make up practice on Friday

    You may attend 1, 2, 3 or all 4 practices per week – it’s up to you.

    Cost:  Members:  $60 per swimmer/per month  and Non Members $80 per swimmer/ per month


    In News Splash | on March 29, 2017

    Lap pool will be CLOSED Sunday, April 30  2017 while we remove our

    pool bubble enclosure.  The pool will re-open Monday, May 2017, weather permitting

  • Water Aerobics

    In News Splash | on July 8, 2016


    Here at Fayetteville Athletic Club we strive to bring you the best summer experience for


    Water Aerobics is a fun and different class. By using the water as effective resistance, you can get a great workout without the impact on your body. Different equipment is used to perform a variety of exercises that are suited for the water.


    Water Aerobics is a great strengthening workout. When exercising in water, you work against 12 times the resistance of air. You can expect to burn between 400 to 500 calories per hour in a water aerobics class.


    If you find other group exercise classes intimidating because of complex choreography or windowed studios, the pool offers some discretion. Most moves are performed underwater so only you know if you missed a step.


    Water Aerobic is a complementary class that is offered to all members. The class is offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-10:20 AM by Sue Mayes.


    For information please contact the Aquatics office at 587-0500 ext. 5, or at aquatics@nullfayac.com.

  • Group Swim Lessons

    In News Splash | on June 3, 2016

    Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2.55.49 PM

    Summer is here and with it pool party initiations and lake trips galore! Now is the perfect time to get your child interested in learning to swim and improving their technique.


    FAC’s group swim lessons are a great way for kids to learn and improve their swimming skills in a low-pressure environment. Each swimmer will be placed into lessons with kids who are similar in age and level of experience. This is a great opportunity to keep your kids active this summer and make new friends!


    If your child is an avid swimmer already than our Dolphin classes are a great opportunity to develop proper technique and polish raw skills.


    Our small class ratios make it easier for your child to learn and retain the concepts of swimming and water safety. During the summer, your child may attend swim classes Monday-Thursday. Please leave Friday open for make-up lessons. Classes are offered on a first come, first served basis and have 3-6 students per class.




    Starfish: For your little one who has little or no previous water experience and who may be hesitant to put his/her face into the water. This course is geared to help students gain confidence through activities.


    Clownfish: This class is for young swimmers who are comfortable in the water and will place their face in the water without hesitation. We will work on learning to swim to a designated area and back safely. This level will also work on arm strokes and kicking as well as floating on their front and back.


    Sting Ray: This level is an introduction to water skills. We will work on proper entry and exit from the pool. We will also work on bobbing, breathing and retrieving an object off the bottom of the pool. Emphasis is placed on survival skills such as floating and gliding. We also introduce front crawl/freestyle and back floating and gliding.


    Dolphin: This level places emphasis on improving freestyle. We will introduce breast stroke and back stroke. We will use floatation devices to become comfortable transitioning in the water between the floats. Additionally, we will work on changing direction while swimming, treading water and holding our breath while bobbing.


    Choose from 11 Sessions:

    #1 May 30th—June 2nd

    #2 June 6th—9th

    #3 June 13th—16th

    #4 June 20th—23rx

    #5 June 27th—June 30th

    #6 July 5th—July 8th (Tue-Fri)

    #7 July 11th—July 14th

    #8 July 18th—July 21st

    #9 July 25th—July 28th

    #10 August 1st—August 4th

    #11 August 8th—August 11th






    10:00-10:30 am

    11:00-11:30 am

    Sting Ray/ Dolphin

    9:30-10:00 am

    10:30-11:00 am

    11:30 am-12:00pm



    For more information on FAC’s Summer Group Swim Lessons please contact the Aquatics office at 587-0500 ext. 5, or at aquatics@nullfayac.com.


    Our pool and tennis courts both reopened today, Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    after removing the bubble enclosures for each.

    Lap pool umbrella

    Tennis courts - outdoors

  • Join the Sharks Swim Team!

    In News Splash | on April 8, 2016

    sharks swim team logo 2015

    The FAC Sharks Swim Team is a developmental semi-competitive swim team that teaches competitive swimming skills in a low stress environment. The team is a great way for kids to enhance stroke technique and efficiency, prepare for competitive swimming, and have fun with fitness in a team building environment.


    Members will learn proper stoke technique and improve their endurance in the water. The Sharks Swim Team is also used as a source for physical conditioning by strengthening muscles and expanding lung capacity. Most importantly, the swim team is a life building experience that is designed to be fun!


    Being part of the FAC Sharks Swim Team is about more than just great swimming technique and skill. It is also about camaraderie, teamwork, responsibility, respect, honesty, setting goals, academic and athletic excellence, a competitive spirit, and making fitness fun. Our experienced coaching staff is dedicated to developing our swimmers’ body, mind and spirit through training that is structured, yet age and ability appropriate, and fun.


    Kids build self-esteem as they learn starts and turns, improve strokes and work as a team. Joining Swim Team provides opportunities for growth through setting and meeting goals and learning good sportsmanship in a competitive setting.


    Our Spring 2016 Season is currently in progress and will continue until May 27th. You are able to register at any time! The cost is $55 a month for FAC members, or $75 for non-members. Click here for a registration form!


    The Sharks Swim Team competes during the summer months within a local league. If your child loves the water then this is the active outlet for them! For more information on the Sharks Swim Team please contact the Aquatics office at 587-0500 ext. 5, or at aquatics@nullfayac.com.

  • KathyRoyce

    Meet Kathy Royce, Sharks Swim Team Coach!


    FAC is delighted to have Kathy Royce as our Shark’s Swim Team Coach. She is beloved by all her team members and a great asset to the FAC family.


    About Kathy Royce

    Kathy was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas. Her love for swimming grew from spending time splashing around in her backyard pool as a child. As the years passed she enjoyed working at the pool of the local youth center. When a friend told her about an opportunity to instruct swim in Florida, she jumped at the chance.


    That decision sparked a long and successful career as a swim instructor and competitive swim coach.


    While living in Boca, Florida, Kathy trained alongside Olympic swimming and diving coaches at Mission Bay, the same facility that famed Olympic diver, Greg Louganis, trained at.


    Today she has nearly 30 years of swim instruction under her belt. Her students have been swimmers of all ages and levels, from nationally ranked competitive athletes, to senior citizens.


    Some of her students have even received full scholarships to swim at major universities.


    Kathy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from the University of Arkansas, which has helped her advance her career in swimming and teaching. She has over 20 years of experience, teaching PE and Health to children and teens at the local Boca elementary and high school.


    When she decided to move back to Arkansas to be close to family, FAC was thrilled to have her join the team as Swim Coach for the Sharks.


    When asked about her experience coaching the Sharks Swim team she states; “it’s the best part of my day!”


    What makes Kathy’s style of coaching different is the importance she places on having fun. The kids sign up to learn and grow their skillset but “if they aren’t having fun, than what’s the point?”


    The semi-competitive swim team helps swimmers prepare and transition to more competitive teams such as high school swim teams and competitive swim clubs. They team trains all year round but only competes during the summer. It’s a great way to improve stroke technique and efficiency, while preparing for competitive swimming, in a low-stress environment.


    Kathy keeps the theme of fun in the swimming program by incorporating games and even parties routinely. Once a month the team will have a party at practice and members are encouraged to bring a friend. The goal is learn and have fun while being active.


    She firmly believes that “everyone can be successful at swimming.”


    The Sharks would like to invite anyone who is interested to sign up for the Sharks Swim Team and begin practices for the summer.   Please contact Aquatics Director Jade Mears for more information at (479) 587-0500 ext. 5, or email at aquatics@nullfayac.com.

  • Swimming the Proper Way

    In News Splash | on January 22, 2016


    You’d be surprised by how many athletes don’t swim to their full potential due to improper training. It’s important to start off on the right foot.


    At FAC we specialize in training competitive swimmers and even triathletes.


    Our Sharks Swim Team is a great opportunity for kids (ages 4-12) to enhance their efficiency and stroke technique in the water, while preparing for competitive swimming. Our team lays the foundation for proper swimming skill that will prepare your child for future competitive swimming opportunities, such as junior high, and high school swim teams.


    In addition to our swim team we also offer private swim lessons for children throughout the winter. These lessons are great to give kids a jump-start on learning to improve their swimming skills before summer arrives. Kids can begin to overcome their fear of swimming under water while learning proper technique.


    We also cater to many athletes training for triathlons. During triathlon training, many athletes do not train properly for the swimming segment and find it to their weakest link. Although, swimming lap after lap will help you condition for swimming, learning drills and correcting bad form will take you to the next level and improve your overall swimming performance.


    Most of your triathlon swim training should focus on perfecting your technique. Your greatest improvements in speed will occur as your technique improves. The more efficient your swimming is, the less energy you need to complete the distance in a faster time.


    This is where our experienced swim trainers come in. FAC swim trainers and instructors come from a variety of background’s including competing on top college swimming & diving teams, competing in triathlons, and coaching swim teams of every age. They are skilled in the most effective ways to reach your swim training goals. Whether it’s a swim class or private swim training lessons, our instructors have years of experience to help you perfect your stroke and increase your endurance level.


    Tri Sport Swim is a class dedicated to improving stroke technique and your stamina in the water. It’s perfect for athletes looking to build endurance in their triathlon races, but novice swimmers are always welcome to join.


    FAC features a six-lane lap pool, which is enclosed and heated during the winter to allow our members to swim, train and condition year round.


    In our lap pool 66 lengths or 33 laps = 1 mile.

  • sharks swim team logo 2015

    The Fayetteville Athletic Club’s Sharks Swim Team is now registering swimmer for our 2016 seasons! The Sharks Swim Team is a developmental swim team that teaches competitive swimming skills in a semi-competitive environment. Sharks is a great way for kids to enhance stroke technique and efficiency, prepare for competitive swimming, and have fun with fitness in a team building environment. Our Spring 2016 season begins Monday January 4th, and goes through May 27th.

    Practices are Monday- Thursday 5:30-6:30pm.

    Click here for a registration form!

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