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  • Swimming the Proper Way

    In News Splash | on January 22, 2016


    You’d be surprised by how many athletes don’t swim to their full potential due to improper training. It’s important to start off on the right foot.


    At FAC we specialize in training competitive swimmers and even triathletes.


    Our Sharks Swim Team is a great opportunity for kids (ages 4-12) to enhance their efficiency and stroke technique in the water, while preparing for competitive swimming. Our team lays the foundation for proper swimming skill that will prepare your child for future competitive swimming opportunities, such as junior high, and high school swim teams.


    In addition to our swim team we also offer private swim lessons for children throughout the winter. These lessons are great to give kids a jump-start on learning to improve their swimming skills before summer arrives. Kids can begin to overcome their fear of swimming under water while learning proper technique.


    We also cater to many athletes training for triathlons. During triathlon training, many athletes do not train properly for the swimming segment and find it to their weakest link. Although, swimming lap after lap will help you condition for swimming, learning drills and correcting bad form will take you to the next level and improve your overall swimming performance.


    Most of your triathlon swim training should focus on perfecting your technique. Your greatest improvements in speed will occur as your technique improves. The more efficient your swimming is, the less energy you need to complete the distance in a faster time.


    This is where our experienced swim trainers come in. FAC swim trainers and instructors come from a variety of background’s including competing on top college swimming & diving teams, competing in triathlons, and coaching swim teams of every age. They are skilled in the most effective ways to reach your swim training goals. Whether it’s a swim class or private swim training lessons, our instructors have years of experience to help you perfect your stroke and increase your endurance level.


    Tri Sport Swim is a class dedicated to improving stroke technique and your stamina in the water. It’s perfect for athletes looking to build endurance in their triathlon races, but novice swimmers are always welcome to join.


    FAC features a six-lane lap pool, which is enclosed and heated during the winter to allow our members to swim, train and condition year round.


    In our lap pool 66 lengths or 33 laps = 1 mile.

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