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  • Click here to see WAYMO in action. 

    New members joining in February will receive 2 free months of WAYMO per membership!

    It’s motivating, challenging and will get you Spring Break ready!

  • pre-workout meal

    A pre-workout meal is a meal that falls within 3 hours of your workout. When you eat the right foods in the right amounts, their nutrients can offer a number of benefits, including:


    • More Energy During Workouts – Filling up your glycogen stores (where your body stores energy) before a workout can help improve your energy levels during a workout. If you’re on a very low carb diet, an intense workout can turn out to be very difficult to handle because glycogen stores are low.


    • Protect Your Hard Earned Muscle – When you workout hard, especially with heavy weights, the body is in a catabolic environment, which can break down muscle tissue to use it as energy. A solid pre-workout meal can prevent muscle breakdown and improve energy repair and recovery.


    • Increased Muscle Growth – Eating protein during your workout meal can help slowly release amino acids into your blood stream, which can promote protein synthesis. If you are breaking down muscle and eating enough calories, muscle growth can be improved.


    While there are many benefits of a pre-workout meal, if your goal is to lose fat, you must budget in the calories of your pre-workout meal.

    Some gym-goers will have big pre and post-workout meals without considering how those extra calories affect their total calorie intake. They then wonder why they are not losing any fat.

    Whether you are trying to lose fat, or build muscle, considering the calorie implications of your pre and post-workout meals can be very helpful for you.

    What to Eat

    Dietary Fat – Because fat takes the longest to digest, the pre-workout meal should be relatively low in fat, so stay away from fatty meats and oils.


    Protein – A moderate amount of a meat (4-8 ounces) or dairy sources that are low in fat are good additions to a pre-workout meal. A major benefit of meat and dairy is that they contain Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), which can help increase the rate of protein synthesis and decrease protein breakdown during and after your workout.


    Carbohydrates – Low Glycemic (slowly releases into blood stream) carbohydrates should help fill up glycogen stores to help you power through a tough workout, as they digest more quickly than fat and protein.


    To get the most out of your WAYMO session, try a pre-workout meal that incorporates protein and carbohydrates.


    To learn more about WAYMO contact Personal Training Director, Mica Mitchell.  You can also simply show up to any WAYMO session to give it a try for FREE!  Your first session is on us!   mmitchell@nullfayac.com or 479-587-0500 ext 260

  • Overcome Plateaus in WAYMO

    In Waymo | on July 8, 2016


    When you hit a plateau in any fitness plan it’s tough to find the motivation to keep pushing forward. In WAYMO you may feel you are exerting yourself to exhaustion after each session, so how could you possibly hit a plateau? It happens to everyone. Here are a few mental toughness concepts to help you blast through your plateau:


    Mind Over Matter

    Most people struggle to learn how to push themselves beyond what they think their limits are. If you’re tired, you stop, right? The problem with pushing yourself only so far is that your body will stop changing. As your body and mind grow accustomed to a particular workload, they’ll stop making progress.


    More often than not, your body can always do more. Each POA (Plan of Attack) is designed to push you to the limit where you think you can’t go on. The lesson is to attempt to push yourself a little farther. Once you realize your mind can push your body to do more, you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish.


    Failure Happens

    In order for muscles to grow we know that weights must get progressively heavier. However there will come a time when lifting an intense weight will be very challenging, and you may fail. That’s okay. You should push yourself out of your comfort zone. Don’t just choose weights you know you can handle. Plan to try weights that are a little heavier. This will keep you striving to improve instead of hesitating to fail.


    You Must be Well-Rounded

    When working out we tend to focus on our favorite body parts. While favoring these muscles will initially provide the results you might be looking for, eventually those positive changes will come to a halt. Exclusively or semi-exclusively training just one or two body parts can make your physique unbalanced, your body more prone to injury, and compromise your overall fitness.


    You must be well-rounded to achieve true fitness and health. That means doing exercises and movements you aren’t necessarily good at. When you work on movements you don’t usually do, you exert your muscles in new ways. This stimulates growth and builds overall muscle in your entire body.


    Don’t forget the importance of flexibility training. When we hit a plateau we automatically think we have to hit harder, faster, and stronger, but we forget the significant role flexibility plays in our overall workout

    Better flexibility can improve your performance and decrease your risk of injuries by helping your joints move through their full range of motion and enabling your muscles to work most effectively. Better range of motion allows you to perform exercises fully, and improve as your flexibility improves. Stretching also increases blood flow to the muscle. Greater flexibility helps to parry blows that come with strong athletic endeavors.


    Don’t give up when you hit a wall on your fitness journey. Keep pushing and remember, overcoming mental obstacles is half the battle.


    For more information on WAYMO contact Personal Training Director, Mica Mitchell. You can also simply show up to any WAYMO session to give it a try for FREE!  Your first session is on us!   mmitchell@nullfayac.com or 479-587-0500 ext 260.

  • Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 2.35.48 PM

    You’ve really been pushing yourself in your WAYMO sessions and now the soreness is creeping in. Muscle soreness is common after your Waymo workouts especially in the beginning or when doing a new exercise. Part of healing is just waiting it out. Nothing can take the soreness away 100% except time. Thankfully you can relieve some of the pain with these simple tricks


    Cup of Joe before you Go

    Your morning coffee may be doing more than waking you up before an early morning workout. Studies show drinking coffee prior to a workout reduces muscles soreness and fatigue by nearly half.


    Eat protein after a workout. 

    Some research suggests that eating fast digesting protein after workouts can help to minimize soreness.



    A hot bath may feel better initially, but icing sore muscles (known as “cryotherapy”) after exercise is most beneficial. A hot bath will provide overall relaxation and mild pain relief, but icing actually prevents further muscle damage and speeds healing.


    The best practice is to place the ice pack on your affected muscles for no more than 20 minutes, remove and wait 10-20 minutes before reapplying, and only repeating a couple of times. Too much icing can lead to tissue damage


    Get Moving

    If you’re sore and stiff in the days following a particularly intense workout, sometimes the best thing is to just get moving. Try walking or some other light cardio. If it’s been over 48 hours, try some strength training similar to what made you sore in the first place, but with the intensity dialed back. Exercise will promote blood flow to the areas and speed your body’s natural healing processes. It might seem counterintuitive, but when you have muscle soreness, one of the worst things you can do is just sit around doing nothing.


    Get a Massage

    Massage can help muscles recover from exercise by helping break down the lactic acid that is produced by muscle tissue. Lactic acid is what causes soreness or muscular pain after working out. Massages also help circulate fluid through your body and get oxygen to your muscles, allowing you to recover more quickly. FAC offers a variety of massages to relieve pain and help members recover from intense workouts and sports exercises. Contact the FAC Retreat Spa to learn more!



    Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

    When rest and ice aren’t enough to ease your muscles, you may want to turn to a common over-the-counter pain relief medication, such as ibuprofen.


    For more information on WAYMO contact Personal Training Director, Mica Mitchell. You can also simply show up to any WAYMO session to give it a try for FREE!  Your first session is on us!   mmitchell@nullfayac.com or 479-587-0500 ext 260.

  • Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.26.04 PM

    Everyone reaches a plateau during his or her journey to fitness. In order to grow and progress in your fitness regimen you need to reinvent your workout and keep your body guessing.


    WAYMO epitomizes this approach, drawing from a variety of disciplines and incorporating them into vigorous and efficiently productive workouts.


    Cross-training and programs similar to WAYMO are becoming more and more popular in the military, sports, and many areas of the fitness industry. So what’s all the hype about? Check out some of the benefits of WAYMO and cross-training programs:



    When you perform a variety of exercises from different disciplines, you are asking more of your body than with a traditional, straight-forward workout. When you expand your exercises you expand your capabilities. Cross-training workouts aren’t tailored to a single goal, such as gaining strength or getting faster, they work to achieve all of these needs simultaneously. With cross-training, it’s possible to gain muscle, lose fat, increase cardio-aerobic capacity and improve coordination all in a single workout. This comprehensive style of fitness training is called conditioning


    Reduced risk of injury

    Often when people get injured in the gym or playing a sport, it’s due to over doing a single activity. Repetitive movement will strain and wear on your joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. That’s why it’s important to change up your exercise and activity to give these overworked muscles a break. By mixing up your routine you give the over-used parts of your body a chance to rest and the under-used a chance to strengthen and catch-up, to reduce the risk of injury.


    Greater likelihood of sticking with it

    Research shows that people often drop out of their exercise programs because they become bored, injured or stop seeing results. WAYMO provides a different workout for each level every week, so it keeps you and your body guessing. This not only prevents you from getting bored with your workout routine but it also helps you push through your plateau to continue to see results. When people continue to see results they are more likely to stick with their fitness regimen.


    So give WAYMO a try! Contact Personal Training Director, Mica Mitchell for more information.  You can also simply show up to any WAYMO session to give it a try for FREE!  Your first session is on us!   mmitchell@nullfayac.com or 479-587-0500 ext 260.


    WAYMO is an unlimited small group training program. $60 dollars per month covers as many WAYMO sessions as you can handle!

  • waymo2

    WAYMO is one of our most popular programs to get in the best shape your life! Members love it because it is strategically designed to produce results, and there is a workout for every level.


    Thinking about signing up for WAYMO? We’ve list 4 things you need to know when you begin.


    1. It’s okay to ask questions or for clarification.

    If you don’t understand how you are supposed to perform a specific workout or lift then don’t hesitate to ask. The trainers are eager to help and make sure every participant is doing each movement correctly to prevent injury.


    2. Don’t be afraid to scale down.

    It’s okay if you need assistance or lighter weights to get through the workout. If you can’t do a pull-up without assistance or if you need to modify a workout, that’s okay too. Our trainers and WAYMO members know that everyone starts at a different level. The goal is to improve with each session. Eventually you’ll get to a point where you won’t need assistance or modification at all.


    3. You are only competing against yourself.

    While some people like to have fun and see if they can beat their friend’s time, the purpose of WAYMO is to advance each individual to their next level of fitness and performance. WAYMO coaches will teach you to move smarter and more efficiently while keeping the workouts safe and fun! It’s all about reaching your own fitness goals.


    4. You will form lasting friendships.


    WAYMO is a small group training program. You may not know anyone when you begin, but after a few weeks of continuous workouts you will begin to form a camaraderie with others in your group. There’s nothing like the bond of getting through an intense workout!


    If you’d like to know more about WAYMO, contact Mica Mitchell at mmitchell@nullfayac.com or call 479-587-0500 ext. 260.

  • What Are You Made Of?

    In Waymo | on February 22, 2016


    Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.29.28 PM

    Want to push your fitness to the next level with a safe and effective cross training program? Then WAYMO is for you! Our WAYMO program is broken down into three levels, so the class works for everyone. Experienced trainers, who have your health and well being in mind, instruct our WAYMO program to insure you’re movements are being completed properly to minimize injury.


    Need a change from WAYMO?

    Try out our Advanced Movement Performance (AMP) class . This group training class includes, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Total Body Resistance Exercises (TRX), and kettlebells to challenge your body in a whole new way.


    WAYMO and AMP group training classes are full of energy and a great way to reach your fitness goals. FAC offers over 30 sessions every week.

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