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Personal Training

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Get Educated – Get Focused – Get Results

Are you getting the results you desire?

Do you want to learn to work out more efficiently?

Would you like to get more out of your workouts and have more fun at the same time?


If your answer is “Yes!”, working with a nationally certified personal trainer at the FAC may be your best solution.  Our highly qualified trainers focus intently on what is most important to you.  If you want to lose weight, improve tone, prevent injury, gain strength, improve sport performance, improve posture and flexibility or rehab an injury post physical therapy, we have got you covered.     With a certified FAC personal trainer, you’ll learn proper form and technique, you’ll stay focused and motivated, and you’ll achieve the maximum results in the shortest amount of time.


“Results are strategically achieved through custom programming, proper exercise progression, accountability and expert coaching.” 


No matter what your age or current level of fitness, our expert coaches can assist.


Step 1 – Getting Started

Schedule Your Complimentary Fitness Launch Session

Every new FAC member receives a complimentary Fitness Launch session. During your Fitness Launch session an FAC certified personal trainer will help you identify your most important goals, then customize and coach you through an initial workout designed to reach those goals in the safest and most time efficient manner possible.  Our top goal is to maximize your time spent in the club to ensure you reach your top goal!  Whether you focus is weight loss, toning, increased strength, flexibility, sport performance or relief from nagging chronic pain, our trainers will deliver!


Step 2 – Choose the correct path for you

One on One

Get personalized, laser focused attention from your Personal Trainer during a 1 hour session focused specifically on your needs and goals.

Semi Private

Continue receiving custom programming, accountability, and motivation from your FAC personal trainer while acquiring additional motivation and fun with workout partners.  Semi private sessions consist of 2 – 4 individuals, provide added cost efficiency and are a full 60 minutes in duration.

Small Group

Small group sessions consist of 5-20 participants and offer activities and a level of guidance not available in large group settings.   Our small group instructors can scale exercises to meet the needs of most participants while also varying intensity, volume and rest intervals to ensure you are always adapting and avoiding plateaus.  When you are ready to stop doing the same movement and loading patterns over and over again come try us out.  Small group integrates strength training, interval training, kettlebells, agility, power, balance and much more to keep you stimulated while peaking your performance in all areas of life!

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