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Pilates Reformer

Our Pilates Center is located on the right as you enter the club.


Pilates Reformer helps establish core stability and postural alignment while working peripheral limbs in a range of motion to lengthen and strengthen muscles. As you progress, the fitness challenge becomes greater, resulting in visible improvements in muscle definition.   We offer a variety of service  options to provide the right fit for every member.  From the beginner to the skilled Pilates practitioner, our instruction  is tailored to meet the needs of it’s students.  Reformer classes are 50 minutes.  Shoes are not worn during class.  Slim fitting pants and tops are recommended.


Services Offered:


Private Pilates Instruction 

Laser focused 30 or 60 minute one on one sessions are available for those seeking the highest level of quality and customization.


Semi-Private Pilates Instruction

Custom training shared with a friend.   Semi-private sessions are 60 minutes in duration and great for participants with similar skill levels and goals


Small Group Pilates Instruction

3-6 participants per class.  Small group classes are great for the experienced reformer athlete and offer great group energy as well as cost efficiency.


For more information contact personal training director Mica Mitchell O’Dell at mmitchell@nullfayac.com, 479-587-0500 ext 260 or fill out our inquiry form located on the right side of this page.

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