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Recent News

  • Arkansas Comets will begin offering a Winter Skill Training Program in the FAC Futsal Court. 

    Come learn from the best coaches in NWA. 

    Arkansas Comets have over 100 of their team players that have continued play at the collegiate level.

    Early Bird Registration – save $10 is you register before November 10, 2017.

    Click on the document below to print a pdf of the Winter Skills Training Program form.

  • Get in the best shape of your life with WAYMO

    By dbrunk | In Waymo | on October 18, 2017



  • Fall/Winter 2017 FAC Program Guide

    By dbrunk | In Club Guide, News | on October 12, 2017

    Click on the Program Guide Cover below to see the complete guide.

  • Scouting Opponent

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on September 28, 2017

    1.) When gathering information about an upcoming opponent — make sure the information is reliable. For example, a friend might have played your opponent months ago. Your friend says: “Their backhand is terrible. Hit every shot there.” Even if months ago your opponent’s backhand was not very good, they have likely been working on that shot for months now. So when using information that you hear from others — consider the source and the amount of time involved regarding the information. Your parents and coaches are frequently the best source for information.

    2.) Be careful with the warm up. Frequently people use the warm up to determine their starting strategy for their opponent. The problem is that the warm up is a very small sample size. In only 5 minutes, you are hitting a very limited number of shots. Anyone can hit good or bad shots for a brief period of time. Also, some people do a good job of hiding their strengths or weaknesses in the warm up. It is far better to let the match develop to determine their true strengths and weaknesses or watch a previous match that your opponent is playing.

    3.) Start simple — when you are watching your opponent play…try to find a strategy. Do they have a better forehand or backhand? Are they better on the move or standing still? Do they come to the net a lot and which side should you pass them on? Even if you are able to watch your opponent before the match, start with YOUR best stuff. Your primary strategies and tactics. You are the best version of yourself, when you do what you do best.

    4.) Remember, each match is different. Meaning if it appears (from a previous match) that your opponent has a bad backhand…they could have just been having a bad day that particular day. Start the match with what you do well and go from there. Each match is different and each day is different.

    5.) Study their return technique and look for technical flaws with all shots. Does your opponent back up when they return — then you should use more spin and wide serves. Does your opponent move forward when they return — then you should serve more body. Find technical flaws. Bad technique breaks down in pressure situations. On big points, it is smart to hammer away at technical flaws.

  • 2017 Fall Adult Basketball League Schedule

    By dbrunk | In The Sports Page | on September 22, 2017

  • Tournaments & Rankings

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on September 1, 2017

    How to analyze your tournament matches…

    1.) Start with the facts. What actually happened. Who won. Score. Flow of the match…for example…was up 4-1, opponent brought it back to 4-4, and won 6-4.

    2.) Recognize key moments. For example…long deuce games, momentum swings, comebacks in a particular game or set, key mistakes, hustle points…

    3.) Understand what you did well and what your opponent’s strengths were

    4.) Understand what you did not do well and what your opponent did not like

    5.) Learn a couple of things you want to work on based on the match

    If breaking down your matches is still a challenge…give yourself grades based on the following categories:

    – Forehands and backhands
    – Approach shots, volleys, & OHs
    – Serves and returns
    – Footwork, movement, & conditioning level
    – Ability to play offense and defense
    – Slice, touch, angles, & lobs
    – Fight, mental, & emotional toughness
    – Tactics
    – Professionalism
    – Situational tennis…for example…5-5 deuce, biggest moment of the match, I hit two aces or back to back double faults which won or lost the game and led to winning or losing the set/match.

    *Please note: often times tennis players make this mistake. It was 5-5 deuce and I double faulted so that means my serve is the problem and I need to work on my serve. Well, did you double fault a lot throughout the match or just a little bit? Because if you are consistently double faulting throughout the match, then obviously some serving practice is in order (for the record…everyone can always improve their serve). However, if you are simply double faulting at key moments, that is more of a mental & emotional toughness issue. Finding a way to calm your nerves to execute in the biggest moments of the match.*


    A.) These are tools. Use them to your advantage. Meaning…use them to track your progress if that motivates you. However, if tracking rankings and points stress you out…then do not worry about them. Same goes for your opponent. If knowing rankings and the UTR of your opponent motivates you and takes pressure off you then study up. If knowing this information about your opponent stresses you out or adds pressure then limit your exposure to this information.

    B.) College coaches use rankings & UTR…but they also look at grades, attitude, level of professionalism, recommendations, and a whole other bunch of aspects. Value rankings. It can help you be recruited and go where you want to go. But also value all the other important aspects that go into being a student athlete.

    C.) Remember…rankings are not perfect. Just because you are ranked higher than someone does not mean you will beat them. We need to respect everyone. Just because someone is ranked higher than you does not mean you are going down. Do not let a ranking determine a match before it is played. Matches are won and lost on the court by players and are not determined by a computer.

    D.) Do not stress out if your ranking goes slightly down. Rankings change all the time. Look at a large sample size. There will be ups and down for every athlete over the course of their career.


    By dbrunk | In News Splash | on August 28, 2017

    Come swim with the FAC Sharks – 

    Swim practice times:  Monday – Thursday 5:00 – 6:00 PM  

                                             Inclement weather make up practice on Friday

    You may attend 1, 2, 3 or all 4 practices per week – it’s up to you.

    Cost:  Members:  $60 per swimmer/per month  and Non Members $80 per swimmer/ per month

  • New Weight Loss Program at FAC

    By dbrunk | In Fitness | on August 25, 2017


  • Labor Day 2017 Operating Hours

    By dbrunk | In News | on August 24, 2017

  • After a long day at school, kids need to burn up some energy!  

    We’ve got a perfect place for your child to have it all.
    • Snacks
    • Homework help/tutoring
    • Sports
    • Art
    • X-Box Kinect
    • Razor’s Edge Youth Fitness Center
    • Gym games and more!
    We pick up from the following schools:
    • Butterfield Trail Elementary
    • Root Elementary
    • Vandergriff Elementary
    • Happy Hollow Elementary
    • Leverette Elementary
    • Holcomb Elementary
    • Harp Elementary
    • Turnbow Elementary
    • McNair Middle School
    Kids also have the option to also participate in ala carte activities, at an additional charge.
    • Sharks Swim Team
    • Swim Lessons
    • Tennis Lessons
    • Junior Tennis Team
    • Run Club 
    • Dance Classes 


    REGISTRATION FEE:  $30 (paid one time per school year)

    5 DAYS PER WEEK   

    Monday – Friday  3:00 – 6:00 PM

    Member rate:  $69 per week

    Non-member rate:  $79 per week



    You choose your 3 days  – Monday – Friday 3:00 – 6:00 PM

    Member rate:  $55 per week

    Non-member rate:  $65 per week


    For more information contact the Kids FACtory staff.

    Email:  Kids@nullfayac.com or call 479-587-0500 extension 7


    Click here for the registration forms and parent handbook.


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