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Recent News

  • High % Rules Version 2.0

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on March 15, 2018

    1.) When behind the baseline, do NOT miss in the net, miss long.
    2.) When inside the baseline, do NOT miss long, miss wide or in the net.
    3.) Make all 2nd serve returns.
    4.) No double faults.
    5.) Make your first serve on the first point of your service game.
    6.) Hit only inside out forehands, NOT inside in.
    7.) If the ball is dropping = top spin; if the ball is rising = drive with spin. High ball = hit inside, low ball = hit outside; slide = vice versa.
    8.) Have the goal of making 10 shots each point and count.
    9.) Build cross court and play path on approach shots and passing shots.
    10.) Consistency > accuracy > spin > power.

    Culture = Mentality. What is our mentality? Everything you do matters!

    What to do if you are losing badly? 1.) Slow it down. 2.) Mix it up until you regain some momentum and then go back to what you do best. 3.) Focus on the things outside of the score that you can control. 4.) Find the positives (you are playing a great player and getting better; a great comeback is not possible unless you face a big deficit). 5.) Keep grinding — you never know what can happen and make your opponent finish.

  • New Face Reality Skin Care Acne System

    By dbrunk | In Spa | on February 28, 2018

    Face Reality Skin Care Acne System now available at Retreat Day Spa


    • Clear skin system
    • Acne under control in 6 to 12 weeks
    • Pharmaceutical grade customized for your type of acne
    • Treatment   = Single $ 60
    • Treatments = 3 pack $150 (save $30) or 6 pack $300 (save $60)

    Take home products required after the procedure at an additional cost.

    Free consultation  (479) 695-1634 or email MMitchell@nullfayac.com

    Contact the Spa

    Please let us know what special or service you are interested in and we'll be happy to contact you today!

  • Basketball League Standings as of Feb 15, 2018

    By dbrunk | In The Sports Page | on February 20, 2018

    Following is the FAC Basketball League Standings – through Feb 15, 2015

      WIN LOSS
    Chef Curry 3 0
    Springdale’s Finest 3 0
    Bitcoin Ballers 3 1
    Hal’s Boys 3 1
    Dough Boyz 2 1
    Globo Gym 2 1
    Runners 1 1
    Shoot out of it 1 1
    En Fuego 1 2
    LaVar Ballstars 1 3
    Slowest 40 1 3
    Intramural All Americans 0 3
    The Process 0 4
  • Group Practices

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on February 16, 2018

    Benefits of practicing with weaker players…

    (1) Work on offensive skills. You will be in control of most of the points and can work on: changing direction of the ball, taking the ball earlier, coming to the net, changing the spin of the ball.
    (2) Opportunity to demonstrate leadership. As you become a better leader, you become a better tennis player.

    Benefits of practicing with stronger players…

    (1) Work on defensive skills. You will be forced to play defense most of the time and have the opportunity to work on countering and defending.
    (2) Opportunity to see a higher quality ball for you to try to emulate.

    *Any practice situation can be beneficial with hard work, positive attitude, and stipulations. Who does Novak practice with?*

    Benefits of drilling…

    (1) Lots of repetitions in a small amount of time.
    (2) Tests your ability to have sustained focused. Drilling at times can be boring and repetitive, so it tests your ability to stay focused for a period time while doing the same task over and over.
    (3) Tests your ability to duplicate the same quality shots over and over. Which is similar to matches. With a match — you want to find a winning formula (sequence of shots) and duplicate that pattern over and over. This is very similar to drilling.

    How to work on increasing power in a practice situation…

    (1) Start with a consistent ball that you will not miss.
    (2) Slowly start to increase power.
    (3) Increase power until an error occurs.
    (4) Do not try to hit the next ball just as hard, restart the process. Slowly over your time the power of your shots will increase.

  • Click here to see WAYMO in action. 

    New members joining in February will receive 2 free months of WAYMO per membership!

    It’s motivating, challenging and will get you Spring Break ready!

  • Retreat Spa Valentine Specials

    By dbrunk | In News, Spa | on February 6, 2018

    If you are looking for a gift that will make your Valentine happy – you’re at the right place!

    If you have any questions, feel free to email Mica Mitchell O’Dell   MMitchell@nullfayac.com or you can call the Retreat Spa direct (479) 695-1634.

  • Enter the Spring Break Fitness Challenge

    By dbrunk | In Fitness | on February 6, 2018

    If you are interested in registering for the Spring Break Fitness Challenge, contact Mica Mitchell-O’Dell for more information.

    Email:  MMitchell@nullfayac.com or call (479) 587-0500 extension 260

    All MYZONE® participants will automatically be invited to the challenge on February 13, 2018.

  • 2018 Spring Break Kids Camp

    By dbrunk | In FACtory Flyer | on February 7, 2018

    We are now registering kids for our 2018 Spring Break Kids Camp

    You can choose to attend all week or you are welcome to pick individual days.

    If you have any questions, feel free to call 479-587-0500 ext.262 or email Kids@nullfayac.com

    Space is limited and registrations will be first come/first served.

    If you would like to print a copy of the flyer and registration form, click on the image below.

  • Tennis Notebook

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on January 19, 2018

    • Player Development Plan – strengths, limitations, tournament & practice schedule, rankings & goals
    • Practice log (what you did/what you learned at practice)
    • Tournament log (who you played, score, analysis of the match, what you did well, what you want to work on)
    • Mental training
    • Fitness training
    Monthly Mental Training
    • Read the blog posts – print them off or ideally hand write them and put them in your tennis notebook
    • Tournament log

    Weekly Mental Training
    • Write down your schedule
    • Write down your goals for the week (3)

    Daily Mental Training
    • Write down what you did at practice
    • Write down anything you learned or something that you found beneficial
    • Write down how you are feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally and take necessary steps to improve condition if not feeling 100%

    How to Analyze Matches
    • Start with the facts – who won and score
    • What you did well
    • What you want to improve on
    • What your opponent did well
    • What your opponent did not do very well
    • Key moment(s) of the match

  • Please click here for a pdf of the Basketball League flier and registration form.


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