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  • Momentum Guidelines

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on June 22, 2017

    1.) It takes two points to have momentum. If you simply win one point and then lose the next point, you have no momentum. Focus on winning two points in a row. The game of tennis is designed around 2 point swings. Win the first two points of the game, up 30-0, now you need another two points to finish the game. Deuce…win two points, win the game.

    2.) If you have just won a point; play high % the following point.

    3.) If you have just lost a point; play more aggressive, attack, or run a quick pressure play.

    4.) If you have the momentum, it is better to play a little faster. If you do not have the momentum, it is better to slow things down and take your time (within the rules!).

    5.) If something is working — keep doing it. If something is not working — mix it up.

    6.) Momentum serving : (1) If you have just broken serve, under no circumstances, should you double fault to start your service game. It is best to use a high % spin first serve to ensure you do not. (2) If you have just hit an ace, under no circumstances, should you double fault the next point. It is best to use a high % spin first serve to ensure you do not.

    7.) If you are up 40-0, even if you opponent has just made 3 unforced errors, play aggressive, attack, or run a quick pressure play. Your opponent will likely play their best at 0-40. If they don’t — you win the game anyways. However, if they do, it will take a winning shot to close out the game. Also, this creates a relaxed offensive mentality rather than a tight defensive mentality which is usually behind 40-0 leads lost.

    8.) Be flexible. These are guidelines. Sometimes though you need to rely on instincts and the flow of the match rather than rigid rules

  • Summer Basketball League Schedule

    By dbrunk | In The Sports Page | on June 21, 2017

    2017 Summer Basketball League Schedule

    For a pdf of this schedule, please click here



  • Mental Training & Summer

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on June 6, 2017

    Monthly Mental Training

    • Read the blog posts — print them off or ideally hand write them and put them in your tennis notebook.
    • Tournament log: who you played; score; thoughts on the match; 2 things you did well with the whole tournament in mind; 2 things you want to work on with the whole tournament in mind

    Weekly Mental Training

    • Write down your schedule
    • Write down your goals for the week (3)

    Daily Mental Training

    • Write down what you did at practice
    • Write down anything you learned or something that you found was beneficial
    • Write down how you are feeling physically and take necessary steps if not feeling 100%

    Summer Goals

    1.) Improve knowledge of 4 Strategies — Build Cross Court, Move Opponent, Attack the Net, Isolate a Corner

    2.) Improve level of professionalism with daily, weekly, and monthly mental training

    3.) Improve ability to play doubles with a whole day dedicated to doubles each week

    4.) Improve conditioning level by doing fitness at every practice and stretching at the end of practices

    5.) Improve ability to execute in matches by playing matches everyday

    Daily Themes

    Monday: Consistency

    Tuesday: Movement

    Wednesday: Transition

    Friday: Doubles

    Be charismatic all summer long and improve the atmosphere at practice with your presence. Continue to improve the culture.




    By dbrunk | In News | on May 24, 2017

    Monday May 29, 2017

    Memorial Day – Holiday Hours

     Main Facility  Open   8:00 AM  Close 5:00 PM

      Poolside Café  Open 11:00 AM  Close 3:00 PM

      Tennis Center  Open   9:00 AM  Close 3:00 PM       No Cardio Tennis

      WAYMO Sessions offered    9:00 AM and 11:00 AM

      Aqua Fitness class offered   9:00 AM

       Group Fitness  – No classes

      FACtory Childcare   – Closed 

      Jumpstart/Afterschool –  Closed 

      Youth Fitness Center  – Closed                                                                    

      Cadence Café  – Closed 

      Retreat Spa –  Closed 

  • 2017 FAC All Star Summer Camp – Now Registering

    By Dana Rainbolt Brunk | In FACtory Flyer | on April 5, 2017
    We are excited to announce registration for or 2017 FAC All Star Summer Camp.
    Questions?  We’re happy to help!  email:  KIDS@nullfayac.com or call 479-587-0500 ext. 7
    If you would like to see some action shots from summer camp – click here














    1.   2017 All Star Camp for School Age – Kindergarten – 6th grade  Registration forms 1 of 2 click here

    2.   School Age Kindergarten – 6th grade Enrollment form 2 of 2 (choose your weeks) click here.


    1.   For 2017 Preschool 3-4 year old campers All Star Camp registration forms 1 of 2  click here

    2.   Preschool 3-4 year old campers All Star Camp Enrollment form 2 of 2 (choose your weeks) click here.



  • How to Come From Behind

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on May 18, 2017

    1.) Never give up on yourself. Never accept defeat. Keep giving your 100% best effort. If you give up on yourself, even 1%, you will hurt your chances significantly of coming back. Positive self-talk can help you maintain great fight.

    2.) Be fit enough to go the distance. A comeback usually requires times and energy. You want your fitness level to be a huge confidence boost for your moral. Knowing you have what it takes physically is critical. If fitness is an issue for you, get fitter. If your already fit enough…get fitter.

    3.) Remember this fact: you can never run out of time. You always have enough time to comeback, that is part of what makes tennis great. Keep reminding yourself, the match is not over.

    4.) Embrace the situation. You are facing a big deficit. It is certainly not ideal, but everyone takes a tremendous amount of pride in situations that they have come back from in the past. Embrace the opportunity ahead of you.

    5.) Strategy wise — the obvious thought is “change up” what you are doing, however, sometimes when you go away from your primary strategies and tactics you only become a worse version of yourself. Sometimes it is better to go even more in on your primary strategy and tactics. Win or go down with your best stuff.


    By dbrunk | In News Splash | on May 12, 2017

  • Attitude Adjustment

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on May 8, 2017



    1.) Negative talk

    2.) Racquet throws or excessive racquet taps

    3.) Excessive whining


    1.) First offense: warning

    2.) Second offense: fitness penalty for individual and/or group

    3.) Third offense: ejection

    Automatic Ejections:

    1.) Foul language at a volume where multiple courts can hear

    2.) A racquet toss extreme in nature

    3.) Extreme disrespect of opponent or Coach

  • Spa Specials for your Mom!

    By Mica Mitchell | In Spa | on May 4, 2017

  • Tennis Courts CLOSED for Tennis Bubble Removal

    By dbrunk | In Tennis | on April 30, 2017

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