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Recent News

  • Aqua Aerobics Class Cancelled 4/26/2017

    By Dana Rainbolt Brunk | In News Splash | on April 26, 2017

    Attention Members –

    Due to the severe thunderstorms today, April 26, 2017, the 9:00 AM Aqua Aerobics class has been cancelled.

  • 2017 FAC All Star Summer Camp – Now Registering

    By Dana Rainbolt Brunk | In FACtory Flyer | on April 5, 2017
    We are excited to announce registration for or 2017 FAC All Star Summer Camp.
    Questions?  We’re happy to help!  email:  KIDS@nullfayac.com or call 479-587-0500 ext. 7
    If you would like to see some action shots from summer camp – click here














    1.   2017 All Star Camp for School Age – Kindergarten – 6th grade  Registration forms 1 of 2 click here

    2.   School Age Kindergarten – 6th grade Enrollment form 2 of 2 (choose your weeks) click here.


    1.   For 2017 Preschool 3-4 year old campers All Star Camp registration forms 1 of 2  click here

    2.   Preschool 3-4 year old campers All Star Camp Enrollment form 2 of 2 (choose your weeks) click here.



  • New Kids Soccer program at FAC

    By Dana Rainbolt Brunk | In FACtory Flyer, The Sports Page | on March 30, 2017

    WHO:  All players ages 3 – 6 years

    WHEN:   Every Tuesday, April 11 – May 21, 2017

                      5:00 – 6:00 PM  Ages 3 -4 years

                     6:00 – 7:00 PM  Ages 5 – 6 years

    COST:   $60 for all six sessions – Soccer skills teaching academy

    WHERE:  Kids Fit Fun FACtory Gym

    EXTRAS:  Games played on Sunday – Fundays at Brunner and Lay Comets Soccer Fields, Springdale, AR

    REGISTRATION:  Go to www.arkansascomets.org or click on this link.


    Click here for a pdf of the Arkansas Comets Spring Season flier.




  • Spring 2017 Basketball League Schedule

    By Dana Rainbolt Brunk | In The Sports Page | on April 11, 2017





    FAC Spring Basketball League 2017- Game Schedule                        


    1. Splash Brothers
    2. Shoot Out Of It
    3. Old Heads
    4. En Fuego
    5. The Brodies
    6. Beautiful Men
    7. Dem Boys
    8. Chef Curry

    Date                                                      7:00 pm                                               8:00 pm

    Tues 4-11                                             5 v 6                                                       2 v 1

    Thur 4-13                                             3 v 8                                                       7 v 4

    Tues 4-18                                             3 v 5                                                       4 v 1

    Thur 4-20                                             7 v 2                                                       8 v 6

    Tues 4-25                                             5 v 4                                                       1 v 3

    Thur 4-27                                             8 v 2                                                       6 v 7

    Tues 5-2                                               2 v 6                                                       4 v 3

    Thur 5-4                                               1 v 7                                                       8 v 5

    Tues 5-9                                               6 v 4                                                       5 v 2

    Thur 5-11                                             1 v 8                                                       3 v 7

    Tues 5-16                                             3 v 2                                                       6 v 1

    Thur 5-18                                             7 v 5                                                       4 v 8

    Tues 5-23                                             2 v 4                                                       3 v 6

    Thur 5-25                                             8 v 7                                                       5 v 1

    *Playoffs will begin the week of 5-30-17. All Teams will make the playoffs.

  • Easter Sunday 2017 – Holiday Operating Hours

    By Dana Rainbolt Brunk | In News | on April 10, 2017

  • Possible Situations

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on April 6, 2017

    Generally you will find yourself in one of four situations prior to playing a tournament match:

    1.) You are playing someone you do not know anything about

    2.) You are playing someone you know and are expected to win on paper or have won in the past

    3.) You are playing someone you know and are expected to lose on paper or have lost in the past

    4.) You are playing someone you know and both players have won before and the match up is fairly even

    What should you do?

    A.) Start every match playing high %. Play yourself into a rhythm. Lots of cross court ground strokes. Lots of spin first serves. Returns deep down the middle. Play path on approach shots and passing shots.

    B.) Do your own analysis. Do not rely on what you hear from other people (outside of your parents and coaches). Do not think about rankings, seedings, or common opponents. Start analyzing your opponent from the moment you see them, begin the match playing high % with your best strategy and tactics, and quickly identify a weakness to exploit. Often times the information you hear from others is unreliable for a number of reasons. Trust your own ability to breakdown your opponent. Regardless of what you do or do not know about your opponent, give them respect prior to the match. Speak positively about their abilities as this will take pressure off you. Avoid thinking things like “I hate playing this person,” or “this person is a cheater,” as these thoughts do not benefit you. If you are playing someone who you have played before…remember…they have likely spent time working on their weaknesses since the last time you played – so continue to analyze them until the same weakness or a new weakness is found.

    C.) On the big points — have a very specific plan. Start with where you are going to serve or return, then decide if you are going to play offensive or grind, and then rely on your tactical instincts during the point.

    D.) If you are playing someone who you have beaten in the past…remind yourself that deep down your opponent does not believe they can beat you. Expect them to begin the match playing very well since they will have “less pressure,” so do not panic if they start playing very well. Start playing high %. Weather the storm and then when their level drops, seize the momentum of the match.

    E.) If you are playing someone who you have lost to in the past…remind yourself that you have put in a lot of hard work since then and that they will have “more pressure” on them. Start the match playing high % and do not give them too much respect by overplaying. Demonstrate through high % play and lots of positive emotion that it is going to be a fight and you expect to win.

  • Game Day & Peaking @ Qualifier

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on March 31, 2017

    Things to ask yourself before a tournament…

    1.) Are you prepared?

    • Attend practices and privates leading up to the tournament that you can
    • Eat enough food before you play and have all your snacks, drinks, towels, and a change of clothes ready
    • Warm up properly before you play and do your dynamic stretches throughout the day

    2.) Can you figure out your opponent?

    • Start analyzing your opponent immediately
    • Determine their primary strategy and tactics
    • Determine their strengths and weaknesses within their game

    3.) Do you know yourself?

    • Know your primary strategy and tactics
    • Know your strengths and limitations and manage both
    • Know your emotions and manage them

    4.) How well do you handle momentum swings?

    • Determine when a swing is taking place
    • Speed up play, do not lose focus, and play high % when you have the momentum
    • Slow down play, stay positive, and play aggressive when you do not have the momentum

    5.) Can you finish matches?

    • Take a deep breath when nervous
    • Focus on your feet
    • Know if you over hit or under hit in big situations and do the opposite



    Goals for next 2 months:

    1.) Improve overall offensive skills

    2.) Improve inside out and inside in forehands

    3.) Improve backhand down the line

    4.) Improve ability to slice on both the forehand and the backhand

    5.) Improve confidence in coming forward and volleying short

    Weekly Themes:

    • Week 1 6 Big Forehands
    • Week 2 & 7 Backhands Down the Line
    • Week 3 & 8 Slice Skills
    • Week 4 & 9 Attack the Net
    • Week 5 & 10 Doubles

    By Dana Rainbolt Brunk | In News Splash | on March 29, 2017

    Lap pool will be CLOSED Sunday, April 30  2017 while we remove our

    pool bubble enclosure.  The pool will re-open Monday, May 2017, weather permitting

  • Spring 2017 Basketball Leagues Now Registering

    By Dana Rainbolt Brunk | In News, The Sports Page | on March 16, 2017

    FAC announces NEW 40 and over Basketball League.

    FAC is offering 2 types of Adult Basketball Leagues for our Spring Season.

    Adult Basketball League and 40+ Adult Basketball League.

    Registration deadline:  March 30, 2017

    Click here for a printable version of this flier and registration form.

    Questions? Email Hal Freeman, League Director –  Sports@nullfayac.com

  • Pre-Tournament Week

    By Tyler Tarnasky | In Tennis | on March 16, 2017


    Goal: Work on playing aggressive during practice.

    Why: It will give you something specific to work on during practice that should help take your mind off pre tournament nerves. It will also prepare you in case you need to play fearless yet in control in an aggressive way during the weekend. Most players will separate themselves from their primary strategies and tactics by doing this and therefore will be more concerned with being prepared for the event rather than “how they are playing.”


    (1) Start with having an aggressive mentality — in other words: come to practice with the understanding that you will be aggressive; start the warm up with all closed stance

    (2) Hit big shots to safe targets — you do not want to miss consistently by trying to hit the ball “to good,” you should always have a safe target

    (3) Stick with it even if you do make some mistakes

    (4) Be at peace — if you go for some shots and lose some practice matches, no big deal

    (5) Sneak in some serve and volley and return and come in

    Keep in Mind: Just because you are working on playing aggressive the week before a tournament in practice does not mean you should be super aggressive at all times during the weekend. Work on the skill of being aggressive the week prior and then manage your aggression v high % tactics based on the situation.

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