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Team Travel

Apex Tournament Schedule

The staff at FAC believes it is very important to see every player in the program at tournaments. It is also important for players to learn how to compete on their own without a coach present. Our travel schedule attempts to strike a balance between those two beliefs.

When planning your tournament schedule it is very important that you make an effort to play the tournaments that coaches will be attending. It is our expectation that a tournament level player at FAC plays on average two tournaments/month. Ideally, one that a coach sees and one on their own. Balance when planning a tournament schedule is so important. By balance, we mean playing some events that are really going to challenge you, some events where most players are similar level to you, and some events that you should be able to do very well in. It can be as simple as 1/3 across the board. In our experience as coaches, playing stronger tournaments seem to be more emphasized, and winning tournaments seem to be less emphasized. In order for a student to progress as fast as possible balance is necessary. Most players will typically fall into two categories regarding tournament scheduling. You will either play a monthly local and state event or you will either play a monthly state and sectional event. Your private coach at FAC is a great resource to help with planning a tournament schedule. The links below are also valuable resources:



When coaches travel to a tournament, coaches will roam from site to site offering coaching prior to matches, after matches, or between the second and third set of matches. A warm up time with a coach present will also be provided. It is very important players keep coaches updated on match times and results to ensure coaches see as much tennis as possible.

Coaches attending is subject to player attendance. If you would like for coaches to attend a specific tournament or have any questions regarding coaches attending tournaments please email ttarnasky@nullfayac.com. FAC will be sending coaches to the following tournaments in 2017:

  • 3/10 Polar Bear Junior Classic Little Rock, AR (SL3)
  • 4/22 USTA Aquafina Jr Open State Ridgeland, MS (SL3)
  • 5/27 Arkansas Junior State Qualifying Little Rock, AR (SL3)
  • 6/10 Southern Closed BG16s Little Rock, AR (SL1)
  • 7/28 Arkansas Junior State Closed Championships Little Rock, AR (SL4)
  • 8/25 Razorback Junior Championships Little Rock, AR (SL3)




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