1.) Skills of Tennis: Consistency > Accuracy > Movement > Spins > Power

2.) Offensive Skills of Tennis: Heavy Top Spin, Slice, Flat/Drive/Power, Change Direction of the Ball, Take the Ball Early/Attack the Net

3.) Quality of Ball > Rally Ball. A rally implies we keep the point going. During a tennis point, we are trying to hit the best shot possible that will lead to us winning the point. Quality of ball means…

  • Know your ability level
  • Hit a ball you know you can make
  • Hit a ball that will not be attacked
  • Hit a ball that will lead to you winning the point

4.) As you practice more and become older, start to hit the ball closer to the line with more spin and power while still following the rules above. How hard can you hit the ball with spin?

5.) Between the points…think about strategy and 1, 2 combinations that will earn you an easy opportunity or finishing ball. Do not think about simply winning or losing as that way of thinking puts pressure on you. The goal of a tennis point in general, basic strategies, and 1, 2 combinations are to earn an easy opportunity or finishing ball.

During the actual point, we are relying on instincts and tactics. We are trying to hit the highest quality of ball that will win us the point in one way or another (while still following the rules above). In theory, we are trying to win the point with every shot. That does NOT mean trying to hit a winner or playing low %. What it does mean is the goal of each individual shot is to hit such a high quality of ball that it may be a winner or force an error. You are putting everything you have into every single shot with hopes of winning the point with that individual shot.