1.) Thinking too technically

  • Example: Thinking technically when you shouldn’t
  • Solution: Know when to think technically (privates, warm up, drilling) and when to think tactically (point play)

2.) Thinking about what other are thinking or going to say regarding our matches/results

  • Example: Worrying about what your parents, friends, or coaches will say about your match
  • Solution: Play Penn 1; Stay present in the moment; Play for yourself

3.) Failing to be professional

  • Example: Not prepared for practice or staying disciplined with injury prevention
  • Solution: Have everything you need and follow your recommended pre-hab (be disciplined)

4.) Focusing on things that do not exist

  • Example: Worrying to much about the college process or things out of your control
  • Solution: Be reasonable with yourself and be professional

5.) Do not have a between point routine

  • Example: Negative responses following a point (sarcasm or destructive speech)
  • Solution: Have a positive routine that you stick with in good times and bad

6.) Failing to understand basic strategy

  • Example: Failing to understand momentum and what you do well
  • Solution: Know the momentum rules and have an understanding of your game

7.) Not understanding what is truly important

  • Example: Focusing on things outside of our control; Wanting to do things we are good at or things that are just fun
  • Solution: Understand priorities and continue to work on your game

8.) Being too reliant or not relying on certain things enough

  • Example: Listening to random sources
  • Solution: Rely on your Coaches at FAC

9.) Making tennis like school

  • Example: Cramming or making a match a test
  • Solution: Understand the differences between tennis and school and have a balanced practice schedule and patience with yourself

10.) Lack the toughness to be good

  • Example: Struggle in matches when things are not ideal (fatigue, conditions)
  • Solution: Improve conditioning level and be more professional