1.) Know where you are hitting your approach shot before the point begins — path is the highest percentage but to a weakness or down the line are both acceptable

2.) Shorten you back swing or your follow through to adjust to hitting the ball inside the court

3.) If you miss your approach shot — miss wide or in the net

4.) 3 forms of approach footwork: load, jump/hit, and land; step, hop/hit, and land; sprint through the shot

5.) Follow your shot and split step on the side of the court where your approach shot lands

6.) Close as fast as you can to the net — there is no specific spot you need to get to

7.) Split step prior to your opponent hitting the shot

8.) Split step is used to slow your momentum down and change direction not to make you stop moving forward

9.) After you have executed the approach shot, closed forward, and split step — volley in a two shot combination (deep, short or just short)

10.) When you do not have the momentum — it is better to attack the net