WAYMO is one of our most popular programs to get in the best shape your life! Members love it because it is strategically designed to produce results, and there is a workout for every level.


Thinking about signing up for WAYMO? We’ve list 4 things you need to know when you begin.


1. It’s okay to ask questions or for clarification.

If you don’t understand how you are supposed to perform a specific workout or lift then don’t hesitate to ask. The trainers are eager to help and make sure every participant is doing each movement correctly to prevent injury.


2. Don’t be afraid to scale down.

It’s okay if you need assistance or lighter weights to get through the workout. If you can’t do a pull-up without assistance or if you need to modify a workout, that’s okay too. Our trainers and WAYMO members know that everyone starts at a different level. The goal is to improve with each session. Eventually you’ll get to a point where you won’t need assistance or modification at all.


3. You are only competing against yourself.

While some people like to have fun and see if they can beat their friend’s time, the purpose of WAYMO is to advance each individual to their next level of fitness and performance. WAYMO coaches will teach you to move smarter and more efficiently while keeping the workouts safe and fun! It’s all about reaching your own fitness goals.


4. You will form lasting friendships.


WAYMO is a small group training program. You may not know anyone when you begin, but after a few weeks of continuous workouts you will begin to form a camaraderie with others in your group. There’s nothing like the bond of getting through an intense workout!


If you’d like to know more about WAYMO, contact Mica Mitchell at mmitchell@fayac.com or call 479-587-0500 ext. 260.