1.) Do the small things right at practice. There are obvious things you should do at every practice, like give good effort, but the small details might make all the difference. Starting behind the line for every suicide, having proper technique during the warm up, or staying focused while hitting serves. 5-5 deuce is just one point but it is a very important point. All the small details might seem unimportant, but if you want to win the 5-5 deuce point, you need to take care of the minor details.

2.) Have a competitors mentality. Do you hope for easy practices or fitness sessions? Do you hope for easy draws or defaults? You might need a mentality adjustment.

3.) Do things right when no one is looking. Some of us want to give great effort at the tournaments or while a coach/parent are present but how we are preparing while no one is watching will determine how we do in the tournaments we play.

4.) Hit the ball in practice that you will hit during your tournament.