Someone who is professional does an excellent job of taking care of the things they can control. They understand there is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things. If something is in their control, they do it the right way and to the best of their abilities.

How to be professional…

1.) Have bag, towel, change of clothes, and multiple racquets strung and gripped to your liking every time you enter the court

2.) Have water jug, electrolyte based drinks, and snacks with you every time you enter the court. Eat throughout long matches and practices.

3.) Do a full dynamic stretch before each match and practice session. At the end of each day do additional body weight workouts and/or stretching.

Post Practice Stretch Routine:

  • Feet together
  • Down the middle
  • To right
  • To the left
  • Right heel to butt
  • Left heel to butt
  • Right shoulder across
  • Left shoulder across
  • Right elbow up and back
  • Left elbow up and back

Dynamic Stretch Routine:

  • 6 laps or 3 figure 8s
  • High knees down and butt kicks back
  • Shuffle down and back
  • Grapevine down and back
  • Toe kicks down and toe touches back
  • Lunges down and side lunges back
  • 10 over and back forward & backward and shuffles
  • Fast feet and a sprint
  • Shoulders (20 arm circles forward, 20 arm circles backward, and 20 arm swings across)
  • Hips (10 right leg forward, 10 right leg sideways, 10 left leg forward, and 10 left leg sideways)

4.) When off the court be sure to be eating, drinking, and rest enough. Do not be draining yourself by being social. Find your water jug, find some air conditioning, and put the phone down.

5.) Have a plan for your day. Know when you play or practice, schedule your warm up or lessons, and plan your meals. Complete your day with writing in your tennis notebook or binder.

Tennis Notebook or Binder:

  • PDP (Player Development Plan — Strengths, Weaknesses, Areas of Focus, Execution, Tournament Schedule, Expectations, & Goals)
  • Tournament Log (who you played, how you did, what you did well, and what you need to work on)
  • Practice & Private Log (what you have been doing at each session, how have you been doing, and what have you learned)
  • Extra or Additional Notes