Serving & Returning Strategies

1.) Serve wide — hit to the open court; Serve T — hit behind opponent

2.) Return first serves deep down the middle of the court to neutralize server’s advantage; Return second serves to opponent’s weakness

3.) Bigger points — use high % serves and returns

4.) After you have just broken your opponent or held — use high % serves or returns for first point to keep pressure on them

5.) After your opponent has just held or broken you — use aggressive serves or returns for first point to gain back momentum

Rally Strategies

1.) Play primarily cross court because it is high %

2.) Attack a weakness (forehand or backhand)

3.) Move your opponent around the court

4.) Get to the net

5.) When in doubt — do what you do best

Finishing Points

1.) Be alert and recognize opportunity balls

2.) “Attack” the ball with your feet not your arm

3.) Shot selection is based on strategies — either go at opponent’s weakness, move them, or send the ball from the direction that it came from

4.) On approach shots focus on up and down; aim lower, shorter, and harder

5.) Follow the path of the ball to the net

Momentum Rules

1.) Have it — play high %

2.) Need it — attack

3.) Big points — play high %

4.) It takes two points to gain momentum — one to stop opponent’s momentum and another to get it going your direction

5.) Continue to be greedy — tennis is a finishing sport, not a timed sport

Goals for Each Match

1.) Fight more than opponent — FIGHT = Toughness + Professionalism

2.) Focus more between points than opponent

3.) Move feet harder than opponent

4.) Control emotions better than opponent

5.) Have better shot selection than opponent