What Does it Mean to Make Balls?

  • Know your ability level and stay within it.
  • Your ability level is a combination of how hard you can hit the ball and how close to the line you can hit.
  • All tennis players should constantly be improving their ability level and re-evaluating where you are.

How Can you Get Better at Making Balls?

  • Admit if you are losing matches because of consistency.
  • Hit the ball at practice that you will hit in your tournaments.
  • Start thinking about your mistakes like this…(1) Do I need to put more spin on the ball? (2) Do I need to aim further from the line?
  • Over the course of time — due to getting bigger, faster, stronger, and logging practice hours — slowly start increasing the speed of the ball you hit and how close to the line you hit.
  • Continue re-evaluating what your abilities are factoring all relevant factors — time off, weather, situational tennis…