Here is what you should do outside of your normally scheduled privates, groups, and tournament matches.

1.) Hit serves

  • Targets
  • Play a serving set
  • Do a flat progression
  • Add a fitness penalty for a missed serve
  • Always be working on something technical or

2.) Fitness

  • Run for time or a certain distance
  • Sprint for time or a certain distance (add a hill for more fun)
  • Jump some rope
  • Stretch (new stretch routine)
  • Do some body weight workouts — push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, super-mans, pull-ups, dips, mountain climbers, burpees, planks…

3.) Match Play & Wall

  • When you have someone to hit with outside of group practice, do not drill, we do plenty of drilling in groups. Compete. Unless that partner is a sibling — then serve with them or do fitness together. If you do not have someone to hit with, a wall never misses…you can even put some tape on the wall and make up drills such as 100 forehands in the box or something similar. Always start with a full dynamic.

4.) Mental

  • Post tournament thoughts (who you played, how you did, what you did well, what you want to work on)
  • Post practice thoughts (what you did, how did you perform, what did you learn, what do you want to do better at next time)
  • Update your PDP

5.) Rest

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Drink
  • Ice
  • Shut it down (no phone)