1.) Stay Greedy

  • Think about a score that motivates you. If you play better behind, pretend you are behind. If you play better even, pretend you are even.
  • Remember, you need to stay hungry because you must earn tennis matches. You need to finish, you cannot simply run out the clock or rely on a teammate to make a play. You must be proactive.

2.) Stay in the Moment

  • Determine specific phrases to say to yourself that help you focus.
  • Do not look ahead or behind. Do not think about times you have lost a lead in the past. Do not take the situation for granted and assume the match is over.
  • Understand the percentages to help keep you motivated. If you are playing a good player and have been winning a high percentage of the points, they are “due”, so stay humble and hungry.

3.) Continue with Your Game Plan

  • Do not become overly creative and try to trick your opponent. Stick with your primary strategy and tactics. Only deviate from this if you are ahead but losing the momentum and you need a positive play to switch the momentum.
  • Play high percentage.
  • Big shots, safe targets.
  • Long points and making your opponent work are always good.