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Everyone reaches a plateau during his or her journey to fitness. In order to grow and progress in your fitness regimen you need to reinvent your workout and keep your body guessing.


WAYMO epitomizes this approach, drawing from a variety of disciplines and incorporating them into vigorous and efficiently productive workouts.


Cross-training and programs similar to WAYMO are becoming more and more popular in the military, sports, and many areas of the fitness industry. So what’s all the hype about? Check out some of the benefits of WAYMO and cross-training programs:



When you perform a variety of exercises from different disciplines, you are asking more of your body than with a traditional, straight-forward workout. When you expand your exercises you expand your capabilities. Cross-training workouts aren’t tailored to a single goal, such as gaining strength or getting faster, they work to achieve all of these needs simultaneously. With cross-training, it’s possible to gain muscle, lose fat, increase cardio-aerobic capacity and improve coordination all in a single workout. This comprehensive style of fitness training is called conditioning


Reduced risk of injury

Often when people get injured in the gym or playing a sport, it’s due to over doing a single activity.
Repetitive movement will strain and wear on your joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. That’s why it’s important to change up your exercise and activity to give these overworked muscles a break. By mixing up your routine you give the over-used parts of your body a chance to rest and the under-used a chance to strengthen and catch-up, to reduce the risk of injury.


Greater likelihood of sticking with it

Research shows that people often drop out of their exercise programs because they become bored, injured or stop seeing results. WAYMO provides a different workout for each level every week, so it keeps you and your body guessing. This not only prevents you from getting bored with your workout routine but it also helps you push through your plateau to continue to see results. When people continue to see results they are more likely to stick with their fitness regimen.


So give WAYMO a try! Contact Personal Training Director, Mica Mitchell for more information.  You can also simply show up to any WAYMO session to give it a try for FREE!  Your first session is on us! or 479-587-0500 ext 260.


WAYMO is an unlimited small group training program. $60 dollars per month covers as many WAYMO sessions as you can handle!