Volley Technique

1.) Continental grip with top of the racquet above your grip; hands extended and even with the body; energy with your feet

2.) Split step

3.) Push hands out in front; elbow in on the forehand; elbow out on the backhand

4.) Step out; contact; step forward — volley with your feet!

5.) Finish above the level of the net

*Volley combinations are deep short or short automatically. You have one or two chances to finish the point at the net. Do not rally at the net*

**Do NOT take the racquet too far back (well past the shoulder), finish beneath the net with your follow through, or finish on the wrong side of your body**

Goals for PB or any Future Tournament

1.) Make 12 balls a point; high % first serves; high % returns

2.) Do not let your parents be more professional than you…

  • Carry your own bags and water jug
  • Fill up your water jug
  • Plan your warm ups and meals
  • Pack your snacks
  • Pack your bag with everything you need

3.) Communicate with coaches before, if you split, and after each match

4.) Control what you can control

  • Focus
    • Routine
    • Planning
    • Staying present in the moment
  • Emotions
    • Post point reactions
    • Not getting too emotionally high
    • Not getting too emotionally low
  • Footwork — if your feet are there, your game will be there
    • How hard you run for every ball
    • Return footwork
    • Energy with your feet

5.) Rest Rules

  • If you have a tournament the very next weekend, take a Monday or a Tuesday off
  • If you don’t have a tournament the very next weekend, come to practice and learn to play tired. Do not miss out on valuable group time. Instead — take the following weekend off.
  • Don’t come this Monday though — no practice.